With professional colour we are able to give you that gorgeous radiant hair you only see in movies.  Give your hair the love it deserves, give it radiant lively colour to maintain that healthy Hollywood hair.

Be the life of the party with that perfect blonde you have always dreamed of but just couldn't get. Tired of yellow hair? Let us fix your yellow to the perfect blonde for you!  Whether you want to be Strawberry blonde, Ash blonde, Gold

We are able to cut your hair in order for you to blow wave it without the hasstle. Forget about the feeling that your hair just won't fall into place and do what YOU want them to do! When your hair is cut right, it will blow wave right, so

With the Clip-in Extensions you do not have to worry about sitting in the salon for 6 hours to have longer or more hair. It takes about 5 minutes to put the extensions in, enjoy glamorous hair the entire day, every day! When you do not want long hair

Semi-formal Styling for functions. Be the queen of the ball without looking like it was intentional.  There is a fine line of what is acceptable and what is not at a semi-formal event. Going to a wedding? Do not upstage the bride, very few

Going to your matric dance? This is war baby! There are no limits as to what extent you can go, outstage all of the other girls in your school, be the princess you have always dreamed of, after all, this is the only day ever you can go to war and pul

This is your special Wedding day! Wedding/Bridal hair is probably one of the most important things of your wedding. We can help you complete your look with the perfect bridal hair style to suit your personality and

Special occasion Make-up is very important, and we often forget this.  Professional make-up is the final touch for any and every occasion. Ever wondered why you look so dull in all your pictures? Always keep in mind when going to a function

Brazilian Reconstructive treatment, or better known as the Brazilian Blow Wave has transformed how we feel about our hair! Tired of your Frizzy, Unruly hair? The Brazilian Blow Wave is the answer! This is NOT a chemical process that will da
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